How did the Georgia colony develop

Unit 3: Colonial Georgia

ØWhat were the reasons for the British settlement of Georgia?

ØHow did the colony of Georgia begin?

ØWhat impact did the Salzburgers, Highland Scots, malcontents, and Spanish have on the colony?

ØHow did Georgia become a royal colony and what changes occurred?

SS8H2 The student will analyze the colonial period of Georgia's history.
a. Explain the importance of James Oglethorpe, the Charter of 1732, reasons for settlement (charity, economics, and defense), Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, and the city of Savannah.
b. Evaluate the Trustee Period of Georgia's colonial history, emphasizing the role of the Salzburgers, Highland Scots, malcontents, and the Spanish threat from Florida.
c. Explain the development of Georgia as a royal colony with regard to land ownership, slavery, government, and the impact of the royal governors.


SS8E1 The student will give examples of the kinds of goods and services produced in Georgia in different historical periods.

SS8E2 The student will explain the benefits of free trade.
a. Describe how Georgians have engaged in trade in different historical time periods.

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